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Development & Outreach

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Development & Outreach (D&O) is a unit within International Programs at the LSU A & M College and the LSU Agricultural Center (LSU AgCenter) with the goal of increasing the university’s engagement in international education, research, outreach and development. Our efforts are driven by the present global environment and our commitment to help mold the future of LSU and its graduates within that context.

To achieve our goal, D&O practices, promotes and facilitates internationally oriented activity in the following areas:

  • Research collaboration
  • Student and faculty educational experiences both abroad and on the LSU campus
  • Donor funded development projects

Our university has corporate responsibility to place its mission of using its extensive resources to solve economic, environmental and social challenges squarely within an international framework. D&O is here to assist in that endeavor.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Wednesday, March the 21st