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International Programs

LSU International Programs is the University's administrative unit for a variety of vital activities designed to make LSU a global campus. This office oversees international programs of the LSU Campus: International Services (IS), International Cultural Center (ICC), Academic Programs Abroad (APA), and the Office of Development and Outreach (DO).

ExpandInternational Services (IS)

International Services (IS) provides advisory services to international students regarding their educational, financial, immigration, personal and social concerns. Similar services are available to international faculty and research scholars. The IS is responsible for the University's compliance with federal regulations which pertain to non-immigrant students and employees.

More specifically, IS serves as the final phase of the admission of international applicants by determining their compliance with University and/or U.S. government regulations, laws and policies, and their ability to finance their program of study or research at LSU. IS also determines eligibility for applicants and their dependents to receive non-immigrant documentation for F-, J-, H-, E, TN- or O- visa status.

IS prepares all documents necessary for international students, faculty and staff to achieve and/or maintain proper non-immigrant status in the U.S. and conducts orientation programs for all new international students and scholars. All non-immigrant students seeking permission to work on or off campus must receive approval and/or recommendation from this office.

ExpandInternational Cultural Center (ICC)

The International Cultural Center provides a host of services and activities to all international students. Among many things, ICC organizes new arrival pick up services, provides temporary housing, hosts many social events, organizes trips, connects international students with each other and with the community and vice versa. It also provides help to students that are faced with problems, issues or simply questions about their life at LSU, in Louisiana or the United States.

ExpandAcademic Programs Abroad (APA)

Academic Programs Abroad (APA) facilitates LSU short-term programs of study abroad, as well as semester and year-long exchanges in North America and abroad.

ExpandOffice of Development and Outreach (DO)

In an era of increasing global interaction, Development and Outreach frames the LSU National Flagship Agenda in global dimensions with the purpose of providing a culturally diverse education and a research environment with international perspectives and components. Through synchronizing, enhancing, and leveraging resources and opportunities, we enhance the international presence of our university by using LSU expertise to address real global issues. Ultimately, our students will graduate with skills to collaborate and compete in the post-graduate world. Strategic programming assures diversity of exchange sites as well as broad inclusiveness of student and faculty participation in campus and international projects and activities of quality and distinctiveness.


International Hospitality Foundation

The International Hospitality Foundation (IHF) links the Baton Rouge community and LSU's international students in friendship and intercultural exchange. They sponsor numerous events each semester, and run the "Loan Closet" to help International Students have access to household goods and supplies they might need.


International Student Association (ISA)

The student entity that enabled the university to create the ICC (by voting the self assessed student fee used for purchase and ongoing maintenance of the Center) and that continues to take an active role through monthly meetings of the ICC Governing Board, presided over by the same president for both organizations. As a political representation of all International students at LSU, the ISA focuses on: Promoting a positive experience and well-being of international students at LSU, and facilitating interaction and understanding among International students and between International and American students.


International Studies

International Studies is a degree concentration designed to equip I.S. graduates with critical skills, flexible thinking, creativity, and a cosmopolitan view of world issue.