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International students selling cars, bikes, appliances, electronics, furniture, etc. may use the web service of the International Cultural Center and have their items posted on this website.

Just e-mail us your name, contact phone number or e-mail address, and details (maximum of 100 symbols including spaces allowed) about your item (s) and we will post it on this website for two weeks. Your message will be posted on the website as soon as possible. We reserve the right to edit the text of a displayed message to maintain the unified layout. The number of items posted by one person at one time is limited to ten. If you want your message to be posted again, you must send us a new e-mail with the details of your search.

You must be an international student to have an item posted on this site!!!

Cars & Bikes

Price Description Contact Date
$2,700(negotiable) Selling: 2002 Toyota Corolla
CE Sedan 4 doors
Mileage 143,000
Engine 4 cyl, 1.8 liter
Good fuel economy
Automatic transmission
AM/FM stereo
Clean title
Maria Toscano
$250.00 I have a queen size mattress and bedframe for sale. The total price is 250 USD. The bedframe and mattress are in good condition. They are available for pickup. If interested, please send email. dafeka1@lsu.edu 2018-01-02
$0.00 I sell my bike on craigslist at this address : https://post.craigslist.org/manage/6392345480/t64dv?lang=fr&cc=fr
You will find pictures and a description as well.
Price : 116 $

So feel free to have a look on it if you are looking for a bike! (padlock is included) "
Mathieu ALONZO
$3000 I am graduating in December 2017 and selling my car as soon as December 16th. It is a Toyota Camry 1999 that has about 210,000 miles on it. I have had it maintained well for 3 years. You can check it out yourself and decide. Price is negotiable. Sulaiman Sulaiman
$0.00 I need to purchase a reliable car for travelling back and forth to the university. It can be an old as 2004 and with moderate mileage as long as it passes inspection. I will pay for the car inspection.
If anyone has a car to sell please contact me.
$0.00 I am Samir Prasun. I am looking forward to buy a Japanese model car within 15 years, with price under 4000$. It should be clean title and mileage within 80-100K miles.
Anyone who wants to sell, please contact me by phone or email.
Name: Samir Prasun
Mobile: 2252818291
Email: sprasu1@lsu.edu


Appliances & Electronics

There are currently no appliances or electronics for sale. Please check back later.


Furniture & Miscellaneous

Price Description Contact Date
$100.00 I am Dayo Afekare, a grad student at LSU. I have a queen size mattress for sale. The mattress is barely used and in excellent condition. If interested, please send me an email. dafeka1@lsu.edu 2017-12-22
$40 A twin bed frame fmoheb1@lsu.edu 2017-12-19