CPT Deadlines and Information Session dates

It is NOT advisable to wait until the deadline to apply for CPT. You are advised to apply for CPT as soon as applications are available and you have all of the required documents collected. Processing may take 5-10 business days and you cannot start working until you have received your new I-20 with the approved CPT dates. CPT cannot be backdated and must fit within the start and end date ranges listed for that semester.

Applications for the next semester will be available on our website approximately 1-2 months before the application deadline, so please make sure that you are printing the correct application for that semester and your specific program/level.

Note: CPT deadlines listed on this page apply to F-1 students who have an LSU I-20 to study on the main campus. Deadlines for F-1 students in the School of Veterinary Medicine will be based on the Veterinary School’s academic calendar (not the main campus calendar). F-1 ECFVG (Veterinary School program) students are advised to consult with the IS employment advisor 4-6 months before completing their program regarding their specific CPT and OPT deadlines.

ExpandCPT Information Session

Day Date Time Location
Friday April 22, 2016 1:00 PM - 2:30 PM IP Conference Room - (meet in Hatcher Hall Lobby)

ExpandCurricular Practical Training

Summer 2016 Curricular Practical Training

Processing does not begin until Fee Bills are released: Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Applications will be available on website: Approximately the week of May 1-5
Deadline to apply for IS CPT recommendation: Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Start Date range: 5/8/2016 – 6/9/2016
End Date range: 7/25/2016 – 8/21/2016*

*If graduating Summer 2016, the CPT end date cannot be later than 8/5/2016

Extensions of current-semester Curricular Practical Training

CPT Extensions are for the purpose of adding a short amount of time onto an existing CPT authorization. CPT cannot overlap into the next semester and the extensions cannot go past the last allowed date for that semester.
For Spring 2016 CPT Extensions, the last date would be 6/5/2016. Please submit the “CPT Extension Request Form” and contact our office for more information.