Important Insurance Information

ExpandInsurance Requirements

All non-immigrant international students on F and J visas must purchase and maintain adequate medical health insurance coverage. Therefore, these students will be automatically enrolled in the LSU endorsed plan, AIG Educational Markets. However, students may choose an alternate medical health insurance plan as long as it meets the minimum requirements listed below:

  1. Policy minimum of $50,000 per Accident or Sickness for Fs (issued I-20 forms) or $100,000 minimum aggregate. Policy minimum of $100,000 per Accident or Sickness for all Js ( issued DS-2019 forms ) including J-2 dependents (Required by Department of State Regulations).
  2. Maximum deductible amount of $500 (per accident / illness)
  3. There must also be a maximum deductible for each twelve-month period of $500 per covered person, not to exceed $1000 per policy for multiple party plans.
  4. Policy benefits must meet or exceed those set forth in the LSU endorsed Student Accident & Sickness Insurance plan (including maternity coverage paid as any other health conditions.)
  5. A U.S. representative located in the U.S. with a U.S. telephone number physically located in the U.S. (number/contact who acts on behalf of insurance company/insurance plans: verification and processing ability)
  6. Policy must cover routine care visits for colds, flu, etc., and not just emergency care.
  7. Minimum $7,500 benefit for Repatriation of Remains to home country (Pre-existing conditions related deaths must be covered; coverage must remain in force during entry stay in the U.S.)
  8. Minimum $10,000 benefit for Medical Evacuation Coverage to home country. (Pre-existing conditions related deaths must be covered; coverage must remain in force during entry stay in the U.S.)
  9. The insurance policy must provide coverage for the entire semester. Partial coverage is not accepted.

    When proof of other acceptable insurance is provided to the ISO by the deadline dates, the charges for the LSU policy will be removed. Students must use the “Insurance Coverage Evaluation Form” (completed in English and signed by insurance provider) which may be downloaded. International Services will communicate with the private insurance provider to confirm the coverage. If the form is received by the deadline date, and ISO determines all requirements are met, the charge for LSU’s insurance will be removed.



In the event that a student allows their policy to lapse or purchases insurance with an insufficient check or credit card, they may be subject to the following consequences:

  1. Enrollment block for the following semester and possible loss of status per Department of State regulations.
  2. Current registration may be canceled or terminated.
  3. LSU Student Insurance will automatically be added to your Bursar Operation account and/or LSU fee bill via ABS for the remainder of your stay regardless of other insurance.
  4. Letters of completion and/or diplomas will be held until problems are resolved and proof of compliance with the mandatory insurance requirements are established to ISO in writing.
  5. Uninsured students’ names will be provided to the Dean of Students Office for appropriate action.

Questions regarding LSU’s insurance requirements may be directed to International Services at (225) 578-3191. Questions regarding benefits or claims may be directed to AIG Educational Markets at 1-888-622-6001, or by checking the website: AIG Educational Markets

ExpandCommon Questions

ExpandWhere do I go when I am sick or hurt?


You should go to the LSU Student Health Center on Infirmary Road. Phone: (225) 578-6271. Treatment and outside referrals are available at the Student Health Center. Read “Important Requirements” on page 3 of the LSU Student Accident & Sickness brochure regarding referrals.

ExpandIf I am enrolled in the Student Health Insurance endorsed by LSU and need to see a doctor or health care professional outside of the Student Health Center, where do I go?


Always first go to the Student Health Center and speak to a physician about obtaining a referral to an outside Preferred Provider (PPO) physician.

Expand How do I file a claim while on the LSU Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan?

  1. Ask the Student Health Center for a Student Insurance Claim form.
  2. Complete all blanks on the front of the claim form.
  3. Attach all bill(s) and Student Health Center referral(s) to the completed claim form. Mail all documents to the authorized agent at:

    AIG Educational Markets
    P.O. Box 26050
    Overland Park, Kansas 66225

ExpandWill medical providers, doctors and hospitals file (mail) my claims directly to the insurance company?


Please do not depend on medical providers to file your claims. Obtain copies of your itemized bills; attach to the claim form with the referral and mail to the address above for prompt service.

ExpandAfter I have read my Student Insurance booklet, who can I question regarding the plan?


Call (toll-free) 1-888-622-6001

The Student Health Center and International Services are unable to answer benefit questions.