LSU Medical Health Insurance Plan

Please refer to the following websit AIG Educational Markets for detailed information regarding the new LSU Student Medical Health Insurance Plan, AIG Educational Markets for options and costs, and to review the new "2015-2016 Student Insurance Plan Summary."

If you have specific questions about the plan or coverage and the application of its fees, please contact: or AIG Educational Markets at or 1-888-622-6001. Feel free to contact IS with other inquiries.

All questions concerning benefits, claims, or billing problems of the assessed insurance should be directed to AIG Educational Markets’ customer service insurance line at: 1-888-622-6001 or AIG Educational Markets. International students needing additional information may contact Janice Goodloe at: 225-578-3191 or e-mail: You may also meet with Ms. Goodloe during LSU health insurance walk-in hours from 2pm to 4pm every Wednesday afternoon in IS, 101 Hatcher Hall.

Insurance Cards

AIG Educational Markets will mail out permanent LSU Student Medical Health Insurance Plan cards to new incoming students this Spring 2016 semester using their Baton Rouge home address listed on their MyLSU account (please keep address updated in your MyLSU account.) A TEMPORARY medical health insurance card may be downloaded from this link: AIG Educational Markets and select “Temporary ID Card” from ID Card drop down menu found under “ID Card & Forms”.

PLEASE NOTE If you have LSU’s Student Medical Health Insurance Plan, always first report to LSU’s Student Health Center to see a doctor first. To avoid problems or delays, regardless of your insurance policy, always carry your LSU Student Medical Health Insurance Plan card as you would your drivers’ license.