Under LSU Student Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan (SASIP), students with F and J visa status will be automatically charged $1054.00 for the LSU Plan and the Repatriation / Medical Evacuation fee for the Spring / Summer 2016 semesters. Approval and waiver of the automatic insurance charge is contingent upon the student’s health insurance coverage fulfilling all the requirements listed on the "Insurance Coverage Evaluation Form" (also listed below under Medical Health Insurance Requirements). Copies of insurance cards and/or policy brochures/statements are not accepted as proof of health insurance coverage.


Medical Health Insurance Requirements are listed below:

Visa Status Medical/ Accident Coverage * Repatriation Coverage Medical Evacuation Coverage Maximum Deductible ** US Based Claims Office
F-1 & F-2 $50,000 per accident/illness OR $100,000 minimum aggregate $7,500 $10,000 $500 Required
J-1 & J-2 $100,000 per accident/illness $25,000 $50,000 $500 Required