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The LSU National Flagship Agenda

  • Attract highly productive faculty and excellent students.
  • Improve the quality of campus life.
  • Provide innovative learning experiences that complement and enhance academic programs.
  • Produce highly competitive graduates.
  • Increase diversity in student and faculty population.

     LSU's International Programs (IP) contributes to the Flagship Agenda through its work to facilitate the mobility of students and faculty around the world. Enhancing intercultural learning experiences, international leadership, and multinational collaboration and partnerships on our campus will attract highly productive faculty and excellent students at all levels. By providing international programs and opportunities that foster diversity, IP raises cross-cultural awareness and understanding in our university community and beyond. This international activity enriches and improves the quality of campus life. Whereas American and foreign students travel to each other's countries to pursue educational, cultural, and social experiences, these opportunities merely set the stage for what we aspire to accomplish. As visitors in another country, LSU students, American or of another nationality, obtain knowledge, skills, attitudes, and perceptions that make them competent in a cross-cultural environment and competitive in the global market. International exchanges for faculty provide similar opportunities for intellectual and personal growth and internationalization of the curriculum. Research agreements allow access to specialized research facilities worldwide and simultaneous, collaborative efforts with investigators from several countries. As a result, new perspectives in teaching and/or research contribute both to faculty's personal knowledge and understanding of the world and to that of the students they teach.

Components of International Programs

Academic Programs Abroad (APA) coordinates the exchanges provided through agreements and organizes faculty-led programs abroad. The APA staff works directly with students, staff, and faculty to facilitate international experiences.

International Services (IS) works directly with international students, faculty and scholars. The staff is an accurate source of the most complete and current rules, regulations, laws and policies that affect internationals studying and/or working at LSU.

The International Cultural Center (ICC) offers cultural, social, recreational and educational activities for the LSU community and beyond. The staff also provides a variety of services to international students, such as transportation to and from campus and temporary housing, assistance with locating permanent housing, shopping, getting acquainted with LSU's campus, and more.

Meet the IP Staff

Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Wednesday, March the 21st