International Programs

International Cooperative Agreements for Prospective International Partners

If you are interested in pursuing cooperative exchanges and projects with LSU, I invite you to visit the websites of our various academic departments as well as the website for Louisiana’s Department of Economic Development. The information you obtain will help you determine the overall suitability of a joint endeavor.

In order to establish viable and dynamic collaborative efforts, we ask that each agreement be sponsored by a particular academic or research department at LSU. Therefore, you will want to begin by establishing contact with a member of the LSU faculty specializing in your discipline.

Nevertheless, the most attractive agreements are those that can draw participants from several different disciplines, so that we have a larger pool of candidates and a more active exchange.

Finally, since most LSU students and faculty are not fluent in foreign languages, the majority of our students will request to attend universities where there is instruction in English. We definitely do not want to discourage agreements at sites where English is not the language of instruction but this limitation might affect the overall feasibility of agreements at certain exchange sites.


  1. A Letter of Intent allows all parties to pledge to cooperate in a spirit of greater understanding and to foster collaboration. The letter expresses their intent to establish joint academic activities, such as: 1) research projects, academic seminars and guest lectures and 2) exchange of faculty and/or students, scholarly materials, research reports and publications. The exact conditions of the collaboration are found in a separate International Agreement.

    Although the Letter of Intent is not a prerequisite for an International Agreement it can be a useful diplomatic tool to formalize the intentions of the two parties. Prior funding for certain grants and projects require proof of international components. The Letter of Intent can provide that proof rather quickly. However, it cannot be used to activate faculty and student exchanges.

  2. An International Agreement for Faculty Exchange establishes the conditions, requirements and protections for faculty from LSU and partner institutions wishing to exchange teaching posts. These exchanges require the consent and active involvement of the department chairs. Faculty from either institution may also request positions as “visiting faculty”. This arrangement does not require reciprocity. Participants must obtain their own supplemental funding as needed.

  3. An International Agreement for Student Exchange provides for the reciprocal exchange of students between LSU and international universities. In order for these agreements to be financially self-sufficient, exchange students pay tuition at their home institutions. These funds are then used to pay the tuition of the visiting students. None of the exchange students pay tuition at the host university. Therefore LSU students must be scheduled to attend the international university before or concurrently with the student(s) attending LSU. Otherwise there are no funds available to pay the tuition for the international student.

    Since exchanges must be balanced, semester for semester, requests for student exchanges must have departmental support and commitment to recruit and advise students participating on the exchanges. Otherwise LSU will not be able to accept students from the partner university.

  4. The final option is a General Exchange Agreement that provides for exchange of both faculty and students as outlined in b and c.

Although a particular department will request an exchange, the final agreement must be established between LSU and the international institution and signed by the LSU Chancellor and the equivalent official at the other University. It is, however, possible to specify departments within the text of the agreement.

If you would like further general information, please contact Paul Bongarzone (

Baton Rouge, Louisiana | Wednesday, March the 21st