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Receiving and Giving Back

Send back the elevator

Renvoyer l’ascenseur (Send back the elevator)

The French have a saying “Renvoyer l’ascenseur.” Literally it refers to sending the elevator back to the person who gave you his/her place on a full elevator. Before you step off the elevator, you would push the button to return the elevator to that person’s floor. It is actually used to mean returning favors and/or services in a sense of neighborly reciprocity.

The various offices within International programs have served and continue to serve American and foreign students at LSU. If you are one of these students, you might be looking for ways to “renvoyer l’ascenceur”.

Thousands of international students hold degrees from LSU and we believe that they have been able to use the knowledge and skills obtained here to contribute more productively in their home countries. They have also returned with a more favorable impression of the US and a greater understanding of cross-cultural communications derived from experiencing the diversity of our student population. Others have decided to pursue their careers in this country.

Likewise, American students from LSU have studied in universities around the world, returning to Louisiana with international sensibilities, perspectives, and ambitions. They have learned more about other countries and the USA, examined and determined their own values and discovered their personal strengths. Many of these students actively seek careers that will allow them to live in other countries or at least work in an international setting.

All of these students are poised to be more competitive in a global market, having a better understanding of their own country, of themselves and their roles in the complex world of today where competition and cooperation must coexist to the mutual benefit of all.

As we work to mainstream “international” at LSU, we would like to offer an opportunity to those who have benefited from international experiences and programs at LSU to show their support by helping us offer a wider inventory of international experiences to more students and enhance greater cross-cultural initiative on our campus.

Even if you have not been a part of the international programming at LSU but are committed to the concept of international education, we welcome all suggestions and contributions of any nature and amount.

What role can you play? Here are a few ideas:

  • Encourage students to study abroad through pro-active advising.
  • Suggest financial sources to increase scholarships for international education.
  • Encourage international components in the curriculum for all students.
  • Assist new international students when they arrive in Baton Rouge.
  • Seek meaningful relations with international students on our campus.
  • Host international students in your home.
  • Establish internships in American companies for international students at LSU, or in foreign companies for American LSU students who could intern abroad.
  • Recruit international students from your country to attend LSU.
  • Report faculty international activity and expertise to the Office of
  • International Development to be incorporated into a database. The database will be used for: determining & reporting the current level of international activity at LSU, networking, strengthening and broadening existing ties, developing multi-disciplinary international development programs, creating visibility for and recognition of “international initiatives”, contributing to the protocol of welcoming international faculty and dignitaries to our university, and sharing cultural etiquette and nuances with other faculty to help each other prepare for more successful visits to other countries for research and other initiatives.
  • Recommend possible funding opportunities that support international endeavors on our campus.
  • Suggest presentations and/or speakers on international topics that would have broad appeal.
  • Make financial contributions if you are able to.

Share your ideas, suggestions and financial contributions with the office that you would like most to support.

Academic Programs Abroad
For managing study abroad programs

Development & Outreach
For creating more exchange opportunities for faculty and students and developing collaborative international initiatives that will make LSU more competitive with peer universities.

International Cultural Center
For expanding programs designed to create international dialog and cultural exchanges

International Services
For assistance to international students with immigration and other international student concerns

International Hospitality Foundation
To serve as a host family for an international student

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