International Programs

International Presence

LSU is located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but our reach is global. LSU accepts graduate and undergraduate students from all over the world. LSU also sends students and faculty across the globe. We truly are a global institution.



  • International Students - The statistics on our international students are a great way to show how truly global LSU is.
  • Louisiana Export Statistics - Louisiana exports goods and services around the globe. Take a look at our interactive map to get a better idea of where all those goods and services are headed.
  • About International Programs - Learn about the mission and people of International Programs.



  • Our Partnerships - LSU has partnerships with Universities worldwide. Take a look at our current partners.
  • Become a Partner - Would your institution be interested in fostering a relationship with the LSU community?
  • Initiating an International Agreement - The Office of International Development encourages faculty to initiate viable and relevant international exchanges and research opportunities.
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