International Programs

Units of International Programs

International Programs is composed of the following 3 units:

  • Academic Programs Abroad - APA services the campus community by connecting LSU students with domestic and international exchange opportunities.
  • Development & Outreach - Development & Outreach (D&O) is a unit within International Programs at the LSU A & M College and the LSU Agricultural Center (LSU AgCenter) with the goal of increasing the university’s engagement in international education, research, outreach and development.
  • International Cultural Center - The ICC serves to promote international friendship and facilitate greater interaction and understanding between the international students at LSU and the Baton Rouge Community through educational, cultural, and social activities.
  • International Services - IS provides primarily immigration advisory services to international students regarding their educational, financial, immigration, personal and social concerns in relation to their status in the US. Similar services are available to international faculty and research scholars.
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